Gutters can be a regular part of many roofing projects, if you are interested in having gutters quoted or just gutter screens we are happy to estimate for that as a part of your project or separately.

Roof Installation

Because roofing is the foundation of THI LLC we understand that replacing your roof can be a large, expensive and daunting decision. We also know all too well the issues that you the customer face while considering this type of project; who to use, price, products, quality of products used, warranties, how will problems be handled if something goes wrong, trusting strangers on your property or satisfaction with the outcome and so much more.  As a 34 year old family owned company it is our goal to treat you like family and do everything we can to provide you with the service, comfort & outcome you expect; if you aren’t happy we aren’t either. THI LLC regularly uses CertainTeed products, it’s a relationship we have had with a manufacturer that has served us well; not only in quality of product but also with customer service, sustainability and its versatile options. We have a best, better, good option when it comes to the roof system options we have available. Let our team help you decide what fits your needs best.  Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Roof Maintenance

Keeping your roof in healthy condition to extend its life is important, but not something you often think about or consider. Having your roof evaluated once every five years can be an important part of extending its life. Keeping the valleys free of debris, checking chimney flashing, skylight flashing and pipe flashings are all important.  It is not uncommon through MI weather cycles with hot and cold, extreme winters, wind and UV breakdown; for these things to be replaced or repaired before your roof needs replaced.  Keeping these items taken care of can protect your roof’s integrity.  If you are interested in a roof inspection for the sake of maintenance or for the sake of having a professional evaluation for a purchase or a sale these are services we here at THI provide.


Roof Repair

THI LLC handles roof repairs no differently than we do a whole roof project because a small problem can turn into a really big one when it comes to water damage.  You never know when something might come up, weather, deterioration of a component of your roof, lack of ventilation.  There are any number of things that a roof my require over its lifetime in the way of repairs and we are happy to assess and fix the issue for you.


Since THI is a home improvement company we also deal with Siding installation on remodels, new construction, repairs or additions.  Some of these projects we handle in the later or earlier part of the season but our team can handle your project. We can help you determine the product that’s right for you from the level of quality you desire down to the color. We do however just deal with vinyl and aluminum siding only.  We are not a James Hardie or LP siding installation company. But if you’re not sure we are happy to meet with you to help you figure it out.


THI is happy to tackle your window replacement projects, we don’t often deal with new construction beyond an addition application.  But if you are looking at a remodeling project we have access to several window lines and the knowledge to help answer your questions. We work with Vinyl, wood, aluminum clad and composite windows.  Standard sizes and custom option